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Saxophone Quartets

Blues and the Bent Side Key
$40.00 US
ATTB - A 12/8 blues that goes to some different places. Improvised tenor solo.

Sound Thrashing
$40.00 US
STTB - A modern sounding quartet with soprano solo. Please note the instrumentation of soprano, two tenors and baritone.

Cantaloupe Island
$40.00 US
ATTB - Pumping arrangement of the Herbie Hancock standard.

Dream Line
$40.00 US
ATTB - Hold on to your hat, this one gets a little crazy on a standard.

Falling Forward
$40.00 US
ATTB - A groovy little thing in 3, kind of!

Dear Moon
$40.00 US
ATTB - This beautiful ballad features the baritone.

Straight Jacket
$40.00 US
ATTB - A straight ahead swinger with an alto solo.

Quartet Package!
$200.00 US
All seven of my sax quartets: Blues and the Bent Side Key, Sound Thrashing, Cantaloupe Island, Dream Line, Falling Forward, Dear Moon, and Straight Jacket

Clarinet quartets

Little Town of Bethlehem
$30.00 US
SSSB - A beautiful version of this famous carol. There is no improvising in this quartet.